Explore your community, discover the world

Interlocal is an international and civic enrichment program that is free and open to high school students from North Central Ohio.

Learn about the world

You can discover many things about the world by getting involved in and around your community. Interlocal takes you to organizations and businesses in your community as well as in neighboring cities and even gives you the chance to travel internationally.


Interlocal has something for everyone and we accept students from a wide-variety of backgrounds and experiences.


Although students can apply directly, Interlocal strives to collaborate with school districts, local administrators, and teachers.


Interlocal works to increase access to global experiences through an experiential program for high school students

Interlocal seeks an experienced law professional from North Central Ohio to serve on our board!


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Program Features

Site Visits

Visit organizations and corporations in your community and in nearby cities to learn about international and civic topics

Capstone Project

Share what you have learned as well as your conclusions about the local program during a presentation in your community

International Travel

Take part in an international experience hosted by a student travel organization

Ready to explore your community and the world?

Interlocal has something for everyone and we encourage participation from students from a wide-variety of backgrounds and experiences. Above all, we want participants to be curious about the world and open to stepping outside his or her comfort zone.

Learning Outcomes


International competency and an awareness of global and civic topics are important skills for a successful life.


21st Century Skills

Advancement of communication and critical thinking abilities

International Competency

Engagement in global and civic topics

Community Pride

Appreciation of hometown and community