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Interlocal is an open enrollment enrichment program for high school students from North Central Ohio.

Interlocal’s experiential program provides a unique approach to learning about the world – from opportunities to engage locally within your community, to site visits to organizations operating in nearby cities, to international travel.

What We Are Looking For

Interlocal has something for everyone and we welcome students from a wide-variety of backgrounds and experiences. Above all, we want participants to be curious about the world and open to stepping outside his or her comfort zone. We especially encourage those students who are active in their communities and who have not yet had the opportunity to travel to participate in Interlocal.

Sample Program Schedule


Visit the interational sales team of local manufacturer to learn about their global footprint

Observe Friday prayer and speak with members of nearby masjid

Volunteer at a nonprofit that ships medical supplies to clinics around the world

Get to know international students studying at a local university

Participate in intercultural communication and teambuilding activities

Learn about refugee experiences in adapting to life in the United States

Research and prepare applications to international travel scholarships

Organize and prepare capstone presentation

“This past summer I went to Santiago, Dominican Republic for a month… My experience with Interlocal helped to prepare me for this trip in many ways. I got comfortable meeting new people, which is something I didn’t think possible. It showed me a new perspective on life. I learned that we can’t take moments for granted, and that we need to embrace every moment and learn from it. Interlocal helped me reach out and apply for this trip in the first place.”

Eden, Interlocal participant 2018

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